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At Nemow Beauty, we thrive on doing things better, no matter what we do. That is why our customers are constantly at the centre of our attention in a way that also benefits the community.

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#nbforabetterworld program

With our #nbforabetterworld program, we work with our customers to empower people in need and reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion while enabling them to renew their wardrobe without the guilt!

Hows does it work?

Purchase any fashion item from the Nemow Beauty Club thanks to your monthly Gift Card. Enjoy the product you’ve purchased until you have no more use for it (minimum 6 months). Donate it to the charity organization of your choice. Receive a new Gift Card with a value equivalent to your initial purchase. Buy something new for yourself knowing that your something old is having a second life!

Check out pieces of fashion items our customers have donated thanks to our #nbforabetterworld program.

Things you can use your monthly Gift Cards on :

As a member of Nemow Beauty, enjoy very exclusive products from some of the
absolute top brands at an incredible price.

We now offer the possibility to buy the services of one of our stylists. Whether you need advice on what to wear at a wedding or how to accessorize an outfit, our team of professionals is here to guide you.

With our Personal Trainer plan you will receive advice and guidance from an expert who will build tailored training and diet programs to suit you, whether your goals are to lose weight or to get in shape or even build muscles!

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Listen to music from all of your favorite services, so you can find the one that works just right for you. Or try out different podcasts from all over the world, for your daily laugh or inspiration.

We offer a wide range of masterclasses enabling you to educate yourself within a fashion, makeup and lifestyle. Pick and choose depending on your needs!

We have collected all of the best newspapers and magazines within fashion and beauty, so you can keep yourself updated on all the important matters whenever you want.

Read your favorite books whenever it suits you, and without having to carry the book with you. With our eBook subscription you get access to a huge world of new and classic books right from your mobile device.

Try out the best of Beauty and Fashion subscription boxes at discounted price without risking getting caught in on-going subscription fees.


All Nemow Beauty Club Members can avail of the #nbforabetterworld program and renew their wardrobe after 6 months for FREE when donating the fashion items they purchased with their Gift Cards.

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